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Planet Revolution is focused on greening food packaging.

Although most food packaging is marketed as ‘recyclable’, the process to produce them (cutting down trees, pouring waste pollutants into rivers) damages our environment.

The consumer feels assured by the recycle symbol, yet research shows that only around 26% of food packaging is recycled effectively.

“As mothers, we shop with our consciences intact.
We are frustrated that natural products cost more than synthetic ones.
Without systemic change – these purchases are options only for the privileged.”

Natasha Molloy & Elizabeth Coffey
Co- Founders, Planet Revolution.

To make a significant difference, we are influencing the whole system!

• Growing materials that replenish abundantly

• Nutrifying the earth through 100% compostable packaging

• Taking a systems approach to dissolving plastic packaging

We need help from our governments:

• A public communication campaign, encouraging citizens to recycle compostable packaging with food waste

• More food waste collection facilities in public places

• Substantial systemic investment in infrastructure, public education and behaviour change to accelerate this urgent life-saving transformation.

Join this Planet Revolution!

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

We are currently in discussion with partners and will be announcing our product range, very soon.


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